Photography Of Cleveland Rails

Photography is my main interest in railfanning.  I was an enthusiastic photographer thirty years ago, focusing on little things that nobody every noticed.  When my family started arriving, I no longer had time or money to devote to that hobby.  Now that my family is older, I have returned to that old interest and combined it with a long-latent interest in railroading.

Please feel free to contact me with criticisms of my photographs and suggestions for improvements.  I am still learning, and a big part of learning is listening to people who know more than I do (or at least think they do).

Please note that I am accepting contributions for these photo pages.  If you have a photograph that you think would be good for this web site, click here to send it to me.  Appropriate credit will be given.

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The Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad

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Norfolk Southern's Cleveland Line

cvsr15inRain_tn.jpg (15904 bytes)

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

csx739OutsideStationY_tn.jpg (20388 bytes)

Lake Erie Lines

ValleyYardAtNight_tn.jpg (15213 bytes)

Other railroad photographs of mine

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Non-train photography

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